The Ultimate Thrive Event ~ for High Achieving Procrastinators

November 16th, 2021 11:30am - 5:30pm PST

The Ultimate Thrive Event ~ for High Achieving Procrastinators

Do you laugh when you admit to being a procrastinator? (even though it doesn’t feel funny - especially when others call you one)
It's time to challenge and change all of that!!! At this event you'll learn techniques for how to:
  • Manage the clutter in your head so you can make decisions rapidly and properly, with confidence and clarity.
  • Reduce your stress on the spot so you can get what matters most accomplished with ease.
  • Understand why there is honestly nothing you “have to” do. So you can relax and reclaim your time.
  • Decide easily what needs to get done ~ or not
Were you aware it's possible to be a flourishing, stress-free, happy & healthy, High Achieving Procrastinator? It's not only possible, it's true.
Join us for our special 1-day event on Tuesday, November 16th from 11:30am - 5:30pm to go from just surviving to thriving!
Ell Graniel will be sharing her Ultimate, proven, insider tips on the mindset strategies behind how to get things done on time ~ or not.
Also, even if you're not generally a procrastinator, chances are 100% that you know several. So, show up with them (because they'll put off registering) and work the tips together because it's as simple as 1-2-3. And, "teamwork makes the dream work!"
Ell Graniel is the founder of Truespeak, specializing in inter and intra-personal communication. She is also a self-proclaimed, flourishing, "High Achieving Procrastinator."

Please follow the link below to purchase a general or VIP experience ticket.

REMEMBER to apply the code EARLYBIRD at checkout to receive a discount. NOTE: refunds will not be given for forgetting to apply  EARLYBIRD in the discount code box before checking out (um, so apply it first). 

AND a portion of our event sales will be donated to the Friends of The Children's Justice Center Oahu. Learn more HERE


The Ultimate VIP Experience

THE VIP Experience also includes: (over $250 in gifts) *A custom SWAG delivery directly to your door **A virtual Pau Hana Wrap party on the 16th just following the event with special guest(s) ***Special Yoga for the Mind: 4-part series - guided meditations with journaling designed to dig deep into your non-conscious and assist you in getting clarity. ****Event replay (allow 3-4 weeks for edits and delivery)

The Ultimate Thrive Event for High Achieving Procrastinators










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