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How to Stay Happy and Hopeful While Home-Bound WYAO Hawaii's 10 Minute Motivational Wellness Talk

Guest Speaker: Ell Graniel is an entertaining motivator with over 35 years of experience as a fitness leader and certified life coach! Her talk dives into happiness! Happiness is a choice. And when you choose happiness, life gets better with every thought, action and simple breath. Join Ell as she gives you three ACTION steps you may not be taking right now to maintain a happy, healthy, and HOPEFUL life. As a special thank you, please go to to download a copy of her best selling book, Get Happier & Healthier Now"


Speakers Association Hawaii "How to Get What You Want - just by asking"

A Truespeak presentation, featuring Ell Graniel



Think Tech Hawaii

with Ell Graniel

A Hawaii non-profit digital media corporation committed to providing a platform for civil engagement and raising public awareness



Get Happier, Fitter, and off the Meds Now - 7 steps to improved health and a body you love:

Interview with Author Ell Graniel

"Don't watch what goes in your mouth, watch what goes in your mind." Enjoy a sneak peek into the juicy tips and mindset work in Ell's new book, "Get Happier, Fitter, and Off The Meds Now".



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by Ell Graniel


Get Happier & Healthier Now:

7 Steps to Improved Health and a Body You Can Love

Are you finally ready to lose weight, get healthy and off your meds forever?

Are you on medications for being overweight, but wish you weren’t? Are you sick of feeling tired and unhealthy while dealing with pills that have undesirable side effects? You’ve tried diets and exercise, but they didn’t work. What if there’s a better way to lose weight and get off the pills, while also improving your sleep, libido, energy, and getting rid of body aches? Now there is...

In Get Happier & Healthier Now, thirty-year fitness veteran and transformational coach Ell Graniel gives you the missing link you need to finally get the results you’ve been looking for, along with a seven-step process to make it happen for real this time.

Get Happier & Healthier Now Audio


Chocolate Cake for the Thighs - The Anti-Diet Book for Women:

101 Fun & Helpful Health & Fitness Tips

Chocolate Cake for the Thighs - The Anti-diet Book for Women is obviously not another weight loss / diet book. If anything, it is closer to a self help book. True, there is a lot of talk about food, but that's because there is a lot of talk about food in your day to day living. You will notice the book makes meal suggestions but never offers recipes. It makes reference to meal planning but never offers a meal plan. And nary' a tip mentions weighing and measuring food or counting calories. Instead, the focus is on making choices that move you in a positive way without extreme sacrifice. It's time to say "no" to the yo-yo of perpetual weight gain and loss, and unrealistic diets that do not meet the daily needs of the average woman. Through observation, attention, journaling, and desire, any woman can achieve her ideal body. The idea is simple. Start today with the small things you can do that make a difference like a walk after dinner, (or any of the other 100 tips in the book) and see how quickly they positively affect and improve the way you look and feel about yourself. 




Wish you could benefit from meditation but believe it’s not possible for your busy mind?

It’s easy to understand how some folks can believe that statement to be true. It’s a lot like how some say, “I can’t exercise. I’m uncoordinated.” Or, “I can’t do yoga. My muscles are too tight.” It makes sense that when you believe there is only one way to accomplish something, it’s easy to feel defeated.

Yet, it’s amazing that what you need – become more relaxed, coordinated, and flexible – could be achieved, if you’d only find the right way (for you). Explore the options.

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MOTIVATION is like caffeine and when you have it, nothing can stop you! I'm excited to share my FREE 3-step system for personal transformation with you. As your coach in your inbox, I will guide you through a simple but powerful process to get you unstuck and fired up! 


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